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One-Minute Thoughts and Inspiration for the Speech-Language Pathologist

My baby is here!  My first product, a novelty book filled with quotes, mini thoughts and challenges for the SLP, written by an SLP.  It's inspiration presented in a practical format for a quick refresher throughout your day.  


My "Why"

One-Minute Thoughts and Inspiration for the SLP was an idea that came about after seeing how easily we as SLP's can lose track of what's truly important, in the midst of trying to keep up with all the productivity requirements, paperwork and timelines. 

We are human, and have a real need to take care of ourselves so that we can be what our clients, patients and students need. 


In addition to giving to the SLP who receives this book, a percentage from each sale will be donated to various organizations that are actively supporting the needs of the minority SLP, and the issues surrounding minority populations we serve.  As a ,minority SLP, this is my commitment.

Vision to Reality

I took my vision, tied it to a bit of audacity, held it down with faith and took action one step at a time.  During quarantine in 2020 I decided I was being given the time to see my vision come to life, and it was now or never.  I started by taking small steps of asking questions  where I could, and google searching my way from vision to reality, to include everything from hiring an editor and designer, finding a way to produce, finding a marketplace to sell, and everything in between.  This has been a grassroots project at its finest! There were so many times I wanted to quit, but each time I felt discouraged, I somehow got ahold of a little more faith then doubt.  I am so proud that I persevered!  Nothing is impossible and everything is "figure-out-able".

I can't wait to share my thoughts and inspiration with you!

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